Over 100 Years of Integrity and Innovation

What began as a three man partnership has matured into a dynamic, full-service design/build firm that we proudly call Kingham Dalton Wilson, Ltd. (KDW). With over 115 years combined experience, KDW’s three partners have over 1,000 projects under their belts and since each project was unique, the partners honed their ability to solve problems while still delivering a successful project on time and on budget that exceeded our client's expectations. This vast experience has allowed us to develop a method by which we help make the complex design/build simple for our clients—a process that helps our clients do what they do best while we design, build, and develop a facility to their exact specifications.

KDW, Corporate Headquarters, Group Area, Design/Build, Houston


KDW, Ltd.

5858 Westheimer, Suite 150

Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: +1 713 541 5070

Fax: +1 713 541 5072

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